Discount system



We are pleased to inform you that  starting from 01.07.2011 we are introducing a discount system for purchases at our on-line lingerie wholesale


Discount will be applied for the period of 3 months, based on the net value of purchases at during the previous quarter of the year, in accordance with the table below:


Quarterly value of purchases Discount

10 000 - 19 999 Euro


20 000 - 39 999 Euro


40 000 - 79 999 Euro


more than 80 000 Euro



For example:

If your company during the three previous months (April-June) purchased products from of total value of 25 000 Euro, from 01.07.2011 you will receive a discount of 5%.  This discount will be valid for the next three months (till the end of September 2011). 


If during this period (July-September) your company’s purchase value stays in the same range (20 000-39 999 Euro), discount of 5% will be maintained also in the 4th quarter of the year (October-December).  If your purchase value is in another range from the table above, i.e. 40 000 – 79 999 Euro, your discount starting from 01.10.2011 will be raised to 10% for the next three months.


At the beginning of each quarter of the year, you will be informed about the discount you company has reached.


In order to simplify our new discount system, all prices visible after log in will already include the discount you company received.



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