Cookie policy


Website may use cookie files. Cookies are small text files which are sent by the website and are stored on the user’s device (for example computer). These files contain certain information concerning the use of the visited website.
Cookies installed by are used to help your browser navigate through the on-line wholesale and during the shopping process, i.e. to save previously bought products.

Cookies may be temporary or permanent.  Temporary cookies are deleted when the browser is closed. Permanent cookies are stored even after the user has finished using the website.
Cookie files cannot harm the devices that is being used to view the website or the software installed on that device.
Cookies do not store any information that can identify the user. uses the following cookie files:

Temporary files

These files are necessary for the on-line wholesale to work properly. They guarantee safe logging and order placement, as well as safety of transactions. Without these files safe shopping at our on-line wholesale would be impossible.  

 Permanent files

- functionality cookies – They are used to store information such as user’s login and password. Thanks to these Cookies shopping is easier and faster.

- performance cookies – Thanks to these Cookie files we are able to gather information about how our website is used. Later on we may use these information to optimize our on-line wholesale.

Blocking cookie files

Users may block Cookies from being installed on their devices or delete permanent Cookies files by modifying their browser’s settings. Should you have problems, we suggest you refer to the help section of the browser or the browser’s developer. If the user's browser doesn't block cookies, the user is considered as giving consent to cookies being placed on the user's device.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics Cookies files are a separate group of automatically gathered information files. Google Analytics is a well-known on-line system for website performance analysis (i.e. analysing the number of visitors) provided by Google, Inc. Google uses information gathered to asses site performance, creating reports and providing other services connected with the website performance and use of Internet.

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